Food Combining



Vegetables and fruit should not be eaten at the same meal. At one meal use bread and fruit, at the next bread and vegetables. Thus we may have all the variety that we need to desire, and if we must have puddings and custards, let bread and these articles form the meal.  {ST, September 30, 1897 par. 6}



From Divine Prescription by Gunther B. Paulien Pages 133, 134, 135

  • Fruits undergo no digestion in the stomach and are held up if eaten with foods that require digestion in the stomach. 
  • Protein Foods digest in an acid medium.  It is a fact of physiology that proteins require an acid medium for their digestion in the stomach.   When proteins are eaten, acid is secreted to enable the enzyme pepsin, to begin the work of protein digestion.  It is not possible for both starch digestion and protein digestion to both go on at the same time in the stomach.  The rising acidity of the stomach will neutralize the saliva, destroy the salivary amylase, and bring starch digestion to a halt.  If no protein is taken with the starch, no acid is poured into the stomach and starch digestion proceeds on schedule.   The application of this fact is clear:  Eat starch foods at separate meals from acid foods, or foods requiring acid for their digestion.   This means do not eat cereals, bread, grains, potatoes, parsnips, squash, beans, or other starch foods, with eggs, cheese, nuts, or other protein foods.
  • Also do not eat the starchy foods with the acid foods of oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, and berries.   There is enough oxalic acid in spinach to delay or suspend starch digestion.
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