Sunshine......Is the healing agent.

Be not overanxious to avoid sunshine. Always keep in mind that roses and fruit obtain their beautiful colors only when they come in direct contact with the rays
of the sun, and that without the sun nothing can keep alive. Health makes a person beautiful, whereas artificial makeup on an anemic complexion never does. But if a sunless complexion is more appealing to you, then consider well and make your choice as to whether you wish to look better or to feel better. Moreover, you can use a hat with a wide brim to shade your face and still get the benefit of the sun's rays.

   It is because no one can afford to stint himself on these three indispensables gifts,(sunshine, air, and water), and has placed them within the easiest reach of all living.   These are the cheapest and most essential body requirements obtainable.  Futile it is to stay away from them.   Entering wedge page 45

N    Nutrition        Needed for Good health;  healthy food from the garden, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes
E    Exercise         Needed for strong bones, good circulation, good digestion and a good nights sleep.
W   Water              Needed to wash away poisons, hydrate the body and the brain, water need in all functions of the  body. 

S    Sunshine        Needed to produce Vitamin D and a feeling of well being.
T    Temperance   Needed to keep the body in balance and not overworked.  Not too much of anything.
A    Air                   Needed for the lungs and heart also for all functions of the body
R    Rest                Needed for the repair of the whole body.
T    Trust               Needed for the spiritual well being of the body and soul.

Sunlight is one of the healing agents of nature, and is necessary for stong bones.  Just 15 minutes of sunlight can provide the daily requirement of Vitamin D.  Moderation is the key, avoiding sunburn.

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