Part IV-Pickles and Vinegar


                                                 (1905) M.H. 325 

     573. In this fast age, the less exciting the food, the better. Condiments are injurious in their nature. Mustard, pepper, spices, pickles, and other things of a like character irritate the stomach and make the blood feverish and impure.  {CD 345.1}

                      [C.T.B.H. 61, 62] (1890) F.E. 150, 151 

     574. I was seated once at the table with several children under twelve years of age. Meat was plentifully served, and then a delicate, nervous girl called for pickles. A bottle of chowchow, fiery with mustard and pungent with spices, was handed her, from which she helped herself freely. The child was proverbial for her nervousness and irritability of temper, and these fiery condiments were well calculated to produce such a condition.  {CD 345.2}

                                            (1870) 2T 368

     575. The mince pies and the pickles, which should never find a place in any human stomach, will give a miserable quality of blood.  {CD 345.3}

                                           (1870) 2T 383

     576. The blood-making organs cannot convert spices, mince pies, pickles, and diseased flesh meats into good blood.     

                                           (1905) M.H. 305 

     577. Do not eat largely of salt, avoid the use of pickles and spiced foods, eat an abundance of fruit, and the irritation that calls for so much drink at mealtime will largely disappear.


The salads are prepared with oil and vinegar, fermentation takes place in the stomach, and the food does not digest, but decays or putrefies. As a consequence the blood is not nourished, but becomes filled with impurities, and liver and kidney difficulty appear. Heart disturbances, inflammation, and many evils are the result of such kind of treatment, and not only are the bodies affected, but the morals, the religious life, are affected.  {2MR 143.3}


                                              Letter 9, 1887

In another prophecy the Saviour declared, "Reproach hath broken My heart; and I am full of heaviness: and I looked for some to take pity, but there was none; and for comforters, but I found none. They gave Me also gall for My meat; and in My thirst they gave Me vinegar to drink." Ps. 69:20, 21. To those who suffered death by the cross, it was permitted to give a stupefying potion, to deaden the sense of pain. This was offered to Jesus; but when He had tasted it, He refused it. He would receive nothing that could

becloud His mind. His faith must keep fast hold upon God. This was His only strength. To becloud His senses would give Satan an advantage.  {DA 746.2}


A very small portion of VINEGAR will diminish the digestion of starch by its inhibiting effect upon the PTYALIN.  From this fact it becomes evident the Pickles which are saturated with vinegar, salads on which vinegar has been put, and salad dressings containing vinegar, are unwholesome substances to take into the human digestive tract, especially when taken with starchy foods.   Vinegar not only destroys PTYALIN, but it also contains alcohol, which precipitates the pepsin of the gastric juice and retards or prevents gastric digestion of proteins.  It is no wonder that pickles and vinegar have been found useful in reducing weight, because they cripple the first two stages of digestion.   Also apple cider vinegar is unfit for use because it contains two poisonous substances such as acetic acid and alcohol.   The Divine Prescription by Gunther B. Paulien, Ph.D. page 134

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