Water........drink water at every opportunity; two quarts a day are not too much for a grown person -- only two glassfuls an hour or more before breakfast, three between breakfast and dinner, two between dinner and supper, and in some cases one after supper; more in a hot climate.


   We are told that in the garden of Eden, man's Divinely designed home, there was but one kind of water. It was not from a well or from a roof, but from a spring; yes, it formed the river that watered the garden. Plainly, then, spring water is the natural, the best, to drink.

   But beware of false springs, springs which issue, not from a clean reservoir, but from someone's cesspool or septic tank. Spring water from clean sources is even better when obtained a little farther down than the spring itself, because while rippling down the hill, the water becomes oxidized, and thus lighter, and besides being further purified, it receives added life as the sun's rays beat upon it. Distilled water, like rain water, is robbed of all its minerals; it is dead. And as such was not the water provided in the Eden home, it is evident that a certain amount of mineral salts which is imbedded in the soil and picked up by spring water as it runs over or under, must be beneficial to the body.


   The human body is made up of about 67% water constituent. An individual can live for weeks without food; but he cannot live without water longer than from three to five days.

   Water is the vehicle by which all the body processes are carried forward. The average person needs about six glasses of water a day. Most persons drink too little, and at improper times. Do not drink at meals or try to wash down your food.

   Water makes up the greater part of the cells, carries food to the tissues, and removes waste. It is the chief constituent of the digestive juices, and regulates body temperature.

   Water suitable for human consumption should be clear, of an agreeable taste, and not too hard. It should be free from poisonous minerals, organic matter, and bacteria.

   Hard water has a greater amount of dissolved minerals than soft water. The hardest water comes from deep wells.

   Water is easily contaminated, and is one of the commonest transmitters of typhoid fever and cholera. If there is any doubt as to its purity, it should be subjected to purification. The simplest and most reliable process of purification in the home, is boiling. The so-called filters attached to water faucets only give a false security. A large sand filter removes all harmful bacteria.  Entering Wedge

"In health and  in sickness, pure water is one of Heaven's choicest blessings.  Its proper use promotes health.  It is the beverage which God provided to quench the thirst of animals and man.   Drunk freely, it helps to supply the necessities of the system, and assists nature to resist disease."  .

And if one fails to drink enough water during the day, his blood will, as a result, become impoverished, and his system stagnant and clogged with waste material, there to ferment and decay; and if Nature is deprived of energy by which to throw off the toxins through the pores, kidneys, and the bowels, or to raise fever and endure the burning process of the wastes, then there is nothing to do but to give up trying -- decease.

N    Nutrition        Needed for Good health;  healthy food from the garden, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes
E    Exercise      Needed for strong bones, good circulation, good digestion and a good nights sleep.
W   Water           Needed to wash away poisons, hydrate the body and the brain, water need in all functions of the  body. 

S    Sunshine         Needed to produce Vitamin D and a feeling of well being.
T    Temperance   Needed to keep the body in balance and not overworked.  Not too much of anything.
A    Air                   Needed for the lungs and heart also for all functions of the body
R    Rest                Needed for the repair of the whole body.
T    Trust               Needed for the spiritual well being of the body and soul.

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