It is easy to make juice

All you need are high-quality produce and a good .  

  1. Use organically grown, unsprayed produce.
  2. Wash all produce.
  3. Do not use the skins of oranges and grapefruits because they contain a toxic substance that should not be consumed in large quantities.
  4. All pits-peach pits, plum pits, etc. must be removed before juicing.   Seeds of lemon, lime, melon, grape may be placed in the juice along with the fruit.  
  5. Don't hesitate to include stems and leaves along with the fruits and vegetables.  However, carrot and rhubarb greens should be removed as they contain toxic substances..
  6. Most fruits and vegetables will have to be sliced or cut into chunks or sticks to accommodate the size of your juicer.
  7. Bananas and avocados should not be placed in the juicer because they are low in water.

Beneficial Juices

  • Carrot, kale, and parsley - sources of beta-carotene.
  • Kale, spinach, green pepper - source of Vitamin B6
  • Spinach, kale,, and beet greens- sources of folic acid.
  • Red Swiss chard, turnip, and orange - source of selenium
  • Spinach, asparagus, and carrot - source of vitamin E.
  • Potato, green pepper, and apple - source of chromium.
  • Ginger root, parsley, and carrot - source of zinc.
  • Green juices - source of omega 3 fatty acids.